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  Vulnerable Angels come into our lives

They remain a very short time

                       To please, love and comfort us as good as possible

These Angels earn all our respect and love.


To all cat breeders throughout the world. It is with pain in my heartand loads of considerations I am announcing to all of you that after 25 years of having a selective breed/show program of Persian cats. 

Cattery Fluffygrape has decided to quit breeding/showing this wonderful breed, one of the nicest avocation I did have! The reasons are neither economical nor due to health issues.

Fluffygrape Persians  philosophy was to breed in an ethical manner and with a strict cattery policy but with lots of love and pure passion. Our main focus in breeding was selection on good health and well balanced short bodies with sweet expression and character but a Persian cat is not only for showing, passion goes well beyond that!Therefore, good health and the wellbeing of the Persian, other cat breed is a must for now as well as for future generations gene-pool.

Cattery Fluffygrape did all it could to keep good health for its Persians.They were all screened/ tested/ vaccinated  on a regular basis by recognized veterinarians from Special Animal Clinic of University of Utrecht as well as special Veterinary Oisterwijk the Netherlands. Most of my cats are registered with double genealogy numbers, CFA and an independent association and even DNA fingerprinted http://fluffygrape.com/specialshealthy.htm  Even though I still love the breeding of cats, things in life sometimes happen that make someone decide to quit the hobby they love. It will take more than one person or myself to substantially change things in the 'cat fancy". I cannot and will not accept to act as if there's nothing wrong in the world of cat breeders and it would be against my principles to just breed kittens year after year for economical reason. Therefore, quitting from breeding is most likely the best for the wellbeing of my Persians and of course for my own well-being as well.  - Why is it not possible for certain clubs to limit the cat breeding to a certain amount of kittens per year per cat breeder..?? I know for sure that this would be the best option to keep well-bred Persians or other cat breed .

In all of the past years I know for certain that I was and still am a good ambassador of the breed and I have produced some excellent examples of the tabby variety. I am very proud of the accomplishments I have made over the years with my Persians in general as well as my own tabby line. However I feel neglected by the cat fancy. I think there is no place for an honest breeder who does this as an avocation and not to generate income. That is a pity. After all these thoughts that filled my heart with pain I have come to the final decision to stop breeding and push no more money into the cat-fancy.

- At last and certainly not the least I would like to say thanks to my parents for their utmost patience and their help and be a prop and stay to me always but sadly they became very disappointed during all these years. Therefore they don't like the shows anymore. Nevertheless I want to say a very special thanks to my beloved parents for all the help and support they gave to me and others, all the facilities they have created for me in order to build this small healthy cattery. Dear Dad and mom, you both had right always. Love you both very much!

- photographer Marion Draad for her time and perseverance during the past 20 years, and her endless patience to make lovely pictures in all those years all of my beloved cats!

- Tina Heigl of Cattery Roggenstein for updating my site and did a good job as always! Thanks Tina for nice updating of my site again.

With sincerely regards,

Jan Meulesteen

The Netherlands.


PKD/DNA Free Cattery

No photograph on this website has been altered, enhanced, or in any way falsely
represented by the use of graphic programs to change the color of the eyes,
  the size/shape of the ears, eyes or nose


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